Wavelenght (nm) Laser Power
1470 High Power Diode (GaAs) 30w
Numerical Aperture Transmisión de Luz Electrical Power
0.22 Fibra óptica (400 µm) 200 VAC -50/60 Hz
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Dimensions Security Level
Width: 35cm
Height: 13cm
Large: 34cm
Absorbed power Weight
300 VA peak
(adapted to domestic electric standard)
13 Kg.
Preselected Programs Cooling System
Advanced software with experienced
protocols to be manually customized
by operator
Air cooling system combined qith Peltier´s cell
Number of pulses per sequence Aiming BEAM
(single and pulsed mode) Adjustable from 1 to 100 – steps one Fibra óptica (núcleos de 200, 300, 400, 600, 800 y 1000 µm)
Operation Mode Pulse Duration (Ton-Toff)
Single Pulse Mode
Pulsed Mode
Continuous Mode
Adjustable for 5 to 100 ms –
steps 5 ms.
Adjustable for 100 to 1000 ms–
steps 50 ms
Duración del impulso (encendido) Pausa del impulso (tiempo apagado)
Ajustable 5 a 1000 ms
(en pasos de 5 ms)
Ajustable de 100 a 1000 ms
(en pasos de 50 ms)
Ajustable 5 a 1000 ms
(en pasos de 5 ms)
Ajustable de 100 a 1000 ms
(en pasos de 50 ms)
Intervalo entre secuencia del impulso
(pulsed mode)Adjustable from 0 to 9750 ms – steps 250 ms
LASEmaR 800® - In medio stat virtus
LASEmaR 800® is a medical laser specially designed for a variety of applications. LASEmaR 800® is the best solution for different medical surgical treatments, such as:

. Dermatology - Phebology
. Endovascular Treatments - Surgery
. Hair Removal
. Photo rejuventation
. Odontology

LASEmaR 800® optimizes melanin, hemoglobin, and exogenous chromophores absorption. LASEmaR 800® is portable, easy to use and includes a wide variety of accessories. LASEmaR 800® needs no maintenance.

LASEmaR 800TM main characteristics are:
Compact structure, reliable, low energy-consumption, long-lasting (thousands of hours)
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